By Tommy Lee Byrd. Converting a Tried-and-True Small Block Chevy from a Flat Tappet to a Roller Camshaft. There aren’t many cutting edge ideas associated with the small block Chevy, as it’s been in the hot rod rotation for 60 years now.
RE: Engine (head) bolt torque specs? IP: Logged Message: Specs from the '02 Shop Manual: Camshaft- Non-oiled sprocket bolt- 90 Bearing cap bolts- 100 in. lb. Timing chain cover bolts- 40 ft. lb. Cylinder head bolts- M11 bolts- 60 ft. lb. M8 bolts- 19 ft. lb. Valve cover bolts- 105 in. lb. Exhaust manifold bolts- 18 ft. lb.

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Aug 30, 2018 · The A-series cylinder heads featured polyspheric (not hemispheric as found in the FirePower engines) combustion chambers, which led to them being referred to as Poly engines. It came in 277 cubic-inch, 301 cubic-inch, 303 cubic-inch, 313 cubic-inch and 318 cubic-inch displacements, along with a Dodge-specific variant measuring 325 cubic inches ...
Apr 06, 2014 · The same text is used for Dodge and there is also a table of torque wrench settings, which says 65 to 70 lb.ft for cylinder head cap screws. My notes tell me I did my '30 DC head up to 70 lb.ft dry. Edited April 7, 2014 by Spinneyhill (see edit history)

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Clean the spark plug threads and ensure the cylinder head is clean of debris. Screw in the spark plug finger tight until the gasket meets the cylinder head. Then tighten the plug as specified below: With a Torque Wrench: Please note there are slight variations in torqueing recommendations between spark plug manufacturers.
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Oct 11, 2011 · This car had a 383 cu inch engine but with the goodies it would beat a 426 Hemi. I races a 454 Cheville with 450 HP and we were dead even. The author of this page says that these cars were slow from 0-60. Not so with the Challenger and I had a 383 Super Bee and this car beat a 442 with 4:10 gears with 3:23 gears and got to 0-60 in about five ...
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Jul 24, 2014 · At this point our lifter guide plates were seated, factory lifter retaining plate was torqued down to 18 ft.-lbs., ARP lube was applied to the back of the head bolts, and our two center washers were prepped. The next step was getting our Performer RPM E-Tec 170 Cylinder Heads ready to be mated to the deck of our 383.

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